Corona: For the first time in the second wave, the new cases in Delhi are less than one thousand, CM said – gradually all will open

With the decrease in the cases of corona in the country’s capital Delhi, now the demand for unlock has intensified. For the first time less than a thousand new cases have been reported in Delhi amid the second wave of corona. With the reduction of the case, the expectation of unlocking has also increased. The Kejriwal government has assured that with the reduction of the Corona case, gradually all activities will be re-released.

He said that “There have been around 900 cases in the last 24 hours, less than a thousand cases have come for the first time after the second corona wave.” I hope that as the cases reduce, we will be unlocking. We want the economic activities to be back on track, so that the economy can come back on track. ”

On the other hand, the traders of Delhi have demanded the Kejriwal government to be unlocked. CM Kejriwal has appealed to him to be patient about this. CM Kejriwal said that I understand the agony of the traders, they also understand their discomfort. Today he was reading in newspapers that he is a bit annoyed.

CM Kejriwal further said, “I want to tell them that with great difficulty, we have managed to control this situation by locking it for one and a half months. Just be patient, do not be hasty. Very soon we want the markets to open, their shops also open, and gradually as the situation comes under control, we will open everything. As the situation is improving, the workers are returning. “

The Chief Minister of Delhi said that “Yesterday we had said about two activities that construction activity and production activity can start. The poorest section is those who are migrant laborers. During lockdown, these poor people are the biggest problem. Gradually, as the corona cases reduce, we will start more activities in the coming weeks.

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