Corona curfew to continue in 20 cities of UP including Lucknow, shops to open 5 days in other places

In Uttar Pradesh, a new guideline has been issued regarding the corona curfew between the decreasing cases of corona. However, night curfew and weekend lockdown will continue in the state. More than 600 Corona case districts will still be strict about Corona

In Uttar Pradesh, shops will open 5 days with weekend lockdown. However, the night curfew will continue. In cities with more than 600 active cases, it was decided not to give any kind of exemption. No discount will be available currently in 20 cities including Lucknow, Moradabad, Meerut. While other cities will be opened with a new guide line of weekend lockdown.

Except the Containment Zone, shops are allowed to open in the state from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm. This discount will be 5 days a week. Saturday and Sunday will be closed. In districts where the number of active cases of Karona is more than 600 today, there will be no exemption at that time.

There will be full presence in the frontline government departments associated with Corona’s campaign and the rest of the government offices will open with maximum 50% attendance and there will be only 50% personnel in it. Private companies’ offices can also be opened with the imperative of masks.

Apart from this, industrial institutions will remain open, vegetable markets will also remain open as before. The rules of Kovid-19 will be mandatory in every vegetable market place. School-colleges and educational institutions will still remain closed for teaching work. Home delivery will only be allowed for restaurants. There should not be more than 5 devotees at a time inside religious places.

Eggs, meat and fish shops will be allowed to open in closed space or covered, taking care of adequate sanitation and sanitization. No one is allowed to sell these things in the open. At the same time, wheat purchasing centers and ration shops will be open in the entire state. Coaching institutes, cinema, gym, swimming pools, clubs and shopping malls will remain closed.

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