Comparison of Mahatma Gandhi with Rakhi Sawant, UP Assembly Speaker clarified after the controversy

UP Assembly Speaker and MLA from Unnao district Hriday Narayan Dixit has given clarification regarding the controversial statement made recently. On Saturday, during a program in Bangarmau, he made a statement related to the comparison of Mahatma Gandhi and Rakhi Sawant. His statement had gone viral on social media. After the video went viral, he has presented a clarification on his statement.

He wrote on Twitter, “Some friends on social media are circulating a video excerpt of my speech with a hint of meaning otherwise. In fact this is a part of my speech at the enlightened conference of Unnao. In which the conference operator, while introducing me, told me an enlightened writer.

He further said that, taking the matter further from this point, I said that one does not become enlightened just by writing some books and articles. Mahatma Gandhi used to wear less clothes. The country called him ‘Bapu’. But this does not mean that Rakhi Sawant will also become Gandhiji. Friends, please accept my speech in real context only. Thank you.

What was the full statement of the speaker of the assembly

Hriday Narayan Dixit had said about Mahatma Gandhi during the enlightened conference that Gandhi ji used to wear less clothes, used to wear dhoti, the country called Gandhi ji Bapu, if someone became great by taking off clothes, Rakhi Sawant would have become great. Dixit further said that I have read 6 thousand books, which have also been analyzed.

Referring to Mahatma Gandhi, he said that when he used to wear less clothes, the country called him Bapu, but it is not that wearing less clothes makes one intellectual. If someone would have become bigger by wearing less clothes or taking off clothes, today Rakhi Sawant would have been bigger than Mahatma Gandhi. This statement of Dixit became viral on social media. After controversy and criticism, he has now presented a clarification on this statement.

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