Chirag Paswan removed from the post of National President of LJP, emotional letter written in the name of uncle

After being evicted from the party’s parliamentary board, Lok Janshakti Party national president Chirag Paswan has shared a letter written on Holi to uncle Pashupati Kumar Paras on Twitter. The essence of this 6-page letter is that Chirag Paswan wants to leave the party and keep the family united. Says I’m ready to forget everything, come back to keep you family together

Chirag has written in many places in his letter to uncle Pashupati Kumar Paras that you had become close to Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. Papa (Ram Vilas Paswan) did not like this thing. You have not supported me on many occasions. Not only mine, you didn’t even give love to your nephew Prince (Samastipur MP). You were not happy even when I became the national president as Papa wanted. Tried to talk to you many times, but did not get proper answer.

Whenever the opportunity came, you did not say anything against Nitish Kumar. Anti-party statements were also given by you, due to which Papa was also angry. You didn’t even deny it. After Papa’s departure, when I needed you the most, you were not with us, but were praising Nitish Kumar. You did not cooperate with the party even in the assembly elections. Whereas, your every demand has been fulfilled. For these reasons, I am no longer able to trust relationships.

Allegation of sexual abuse against Prince ignored
Chirag has also written that some time ago Prince was accused of sexual abuse by a woman. She was blackmailing Prince. I asked him to go to the police. On this matter also I wanted to talk to you as the elder in the family, but you ignored this serious matter.

me and the prince need uncle
Chirag has also mentioned in his letter to Prince’s father late MP Ramchandra Paswan. It is said that after his departure, the prince also needed you the most, but you were not present for us. After father’s death, mother and I needed you and aunt, even then you were not there for us.

Me and the prince need an uncle. So I am ready to forget all this, so that the family remains united. Papa and Mummy have worked hard to keep the party and the family united. I can’t see this dream failing. Therefore, you are requested to take up the responsibility of keeping the party and the family united as a grown-up.

There was a coup in LJP on Sunday-Monday night
Discord had started in the party since last Sunday evening. On Monday, except Chirag Paswan, the other five MPs called a meeting of the Parliamentary Board and elected Hajipur MP Pashupati Kumar Paras as the new President of the Parliamentary Board. This information was also given to the Lok Sabha Speaker. By Monday evening, he also got recognition from the Lok Sabha Secretariat.

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