China caused itself damage by snowing in Galvan Valley, Army-Air Force became so strong in a year

On June 15 last year, the armies of India and China came face to face in the Galvan Valley. There was a violent confrontation between the two. In this one year, the Indian Army has further strengthened its presence in the Ladakh sector, while the Indian Air Force has become more powerful than before by including Rafale fighter jets in its fleet.

China started a border dispute on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in eastern Ladakh from the month of April last year itself. After this, on June 15, the whole matter took a violent form when the People’s Liberation Army (Dragon Army) of India and China came face to face in the Galvan Valley. In this violent confrontation,

20 Indian soldiers were martyred, while many Chinese soldiers were also killed. Even after a lapse of more than a year, the situation remains the same at some points in eastern Ladakh.

However, in this one year, the Indian Army and Air Force have increased their strength manifold and are fully prepared on the border to deal with any nefarious act of China. On June 15, 2020, the Chinese army inflicted more damage on itself in a violent clash in the Galvan Valley. While the Indian Army has strengthened its presence in the Ladakh sector, the Indian Air Force has become more powerful than ever by inducting Rafale fighter jets into its fleet.

Infrastructure Although the work of increasing the infrastructure on the border was going on for the last several years, but in the last one year it has increased further. The Border Roads Organization (BRO) is working day and night to make the road smooth.

Road connectivity has been improved to all forward points in all areas, including Umling La, Marsmic La or Khardung La, the world’s highest motorable road, officials said, providing them with the help of the Border Roads Organisation, for military movement throughout the year. kept open.

He also said, “The connectivity has helped us to supply all our forward locations year-round and has given us the ability to deploy troops in no time.”

Rafale fighter jet Rafal fighter jet is one of the most powerful fighter jets in the world. After getting India from France, the strength of the Air Force has increased more than before. In the coming times, many more Rafale aircraft are going to come to India, which can be used to deal with any nefarious act on the border.

Rafale fighter jets can play an important role to defeat enemy countries. Officials say that along with Rafale, MiG-29 and Sukhoi-30 fleets have been dominating the skies on the northern borders and the second squadron will be ready for operations by the end of this month.

Deployment of additional soldiers on the border The Indian Army has strengthened its deployment along the entire Line of Actual Control along with Ladakh, as the army has now deployed an additional strike corps to deal with the China border.

“The Mathura-based Forest Strike Corps has been redeployed towards the northern borders in Ladakh and 17 Mountain Strike Corps has been given charge of the entire northeastern states,” the official said. Along with this, an additional division has also been given, which includes more than ten thousand soldiers.

Homes for the soldiers In places like Eastern Ladakh, where it is very cold, there was always a need for accommodation for the soldiers. This time the houses built in such areas helped the army a lot and increased the strength of the soldiers manifold compared to before.

Army engineers built those facilities within the last 11 months, which were planned to be built in the next five years. Officials say that the preparedness of the armed forces is now at a level where the Chinese or any other adversary cannot surprise us in any way.Live TV

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