Central government’s Taliban bluntly – Afghan soil should not be used for terror

After the Taliban occupation in Afghanistan, India on Thursday bluntly said that Afghan soil should not be used for terrorism against India. Apart from this, the central government has also reacted to the first formal meeting between India and Taliban held in Qatar’s capital Doha recently. The government has described the meeting as just a meeting and said that as far as recognition of the Taliban government in Afghanistan is concerned, it is still early times. The evacuation operation has also come to a halt due to the closure of the Kabul airport. On how many Indian nationals are still trapped in Afghanistan even after several days of evacuation operation, the government said that it is very difficult to give information about the number.

‘Afghan’s soil should not be used for terror’

Addressing the weekly press conference, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Arindam Bagchi said, “Our main concern at this time is that the soil of Afghanistan should not be used for terrorism against India. There is no need to speculate on this.” The spokesperson further said, “The evacuation operation has been stopped now, as the Kabul airport is closed. It is difficult to share the numbers as to how many Indians are still left. Most of the Indians, who were willing to return, have already been evacuated.” At the same time, when Bagchi was asked when the Kabul airport would resume operations, he said that there is no update on when we will be back. Can send flights.

What did the Foreign Ministry say on the Taliban government in Afghanistan?

The US has made a complete withdrawal in Afghanistan and according to sources, now a new Taliban government can be formed on Friday. Foreign Ministry spokesman Arindam Bagchi said on the Taliban government, “There is no update about the nature of the invitation and the government to be formed there.” He said that until the Kabul airport becomes operational, there will be some Can’t happen. We are giving e-visas to Afghan citizens.

Treat meeting in Doha as just one meeting: Bagchi

When asked for more information about the meeting in Doha, the spokesperson said that there is no update. Treat the meeting as just a meeting. It is not right to have any imagination about the future. We have used that opportunity to express our concerns. We have received positive response. When there was no photo of the meeting, he said that there was no thinking behind it. Our main concern is that Afghan soil should not be used for terrorism against India. That’s our focus right now. Now it remains to be seen what the roadmap will be.

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