Center said- If the vaccine is approved by big countries and WHO, then we are ready to accept the conditions of the companies

The central government has agreed to accept their conditions to make Moderna and Pfizer’s corona vaccine available in the country at the earliest. The Drug Controller General of India (DGCI) has said that if the vaccines of these companies have got emergency use approval from major countries and the World Health Organization (WHO), then there is no need for bridge trials after their launch in India.

Decision on damages and accountability too soon

Moderna and Pfizer are among the companies that appealed to the Indian government to do away with the obligation to conduct local trials after allowing damages and emergency use. The government has not yet decided on conditions such as damages or accountability for major side effects after the use of the vaccine. This condition will have a big impact, although a decision on this can also be taken soon.

Decision in view of the current need of vaccine

DGCI Chief VG Somani said that after getting approval in health organizations like WHO and in big countries, tests will not be done in India regarding the quality and stability of these vaccines. A large number of cases are coming out in the second wave of Corona. In such a situation, there is a massive need for vaccine in the country. It needs to import foreign vaccines at the earliest. The decision has been taken keeping this in mind.

NEGGAC had recommended

The National Expert Group on Vaccination Administration for Kovid-19 (NEGVAC) had said, ‘The vaccines approved for emergency use by the US, UK, Japan, Europe and WHO have already been administered to millions of people. After getting approval in India, there is no need to test and test each batch in the Central Drug Laboratory. However, for this, it is necessary to have the batch certified by the agency of the country from where the vaccine is coming.

India now has 3 vaccines and one powder

Serum Serum Institute’s CoveShield and Bharat Biotech’s Covaxin are being used in the vaccination drive. Russia’s Sputnik-V has also been approved for use in India. Apart from this, DRDO has made 2-DG medicine for the prevention of Kovid. Its emergency use has also been approved. It is a powder, which is dissolved in water.

Claims to complete vaccination by December 2021

Earlier, Union Minister Prakash Javadekar had claimed that every citizen of India would be vaccinated against Corona by December 2021. The government has made full preparations for this. He had said that by December, the country would have 216 crore doses of the vaccine. This means that we will be able to give vaccine to 108 crore people.

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