CBSE 30:30:40 Formula: 12th marksheet will be prepared with this formula?, How to get numbers

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) class 12th examinations have been cancelled. Now the biggest challenge is to prepare the 12th marksheet. The government has formed a 13-member committee for this, which is preparing the marking formula. Very soon this formula will come out. Now the question is how parents take it. Meanwhile, now the 30:30:40 formula is being talked about, know what is this formula which the board can use.

The 30:30:40 formula of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) covers the performance in the pre-board examinations of class 10th, 11th and 12th in preparation of marksheets. Several principals in Delhi told ToI that the 13-member committee appointed by CBSE seems to favor the 30:30:40 formula to recommend criteria for evaluation of Class XII students. Under this 30% weightage will be given to the final results of class X and XI, besides 40% weightage will be given in the pre-board examination of class 12th.

It is estimated that the 13-member committee will announce the marking formula in the Supreme Court on June 17. Last month, parents had filed a PIL in the Supreme Court seeking cancellation of CBSE Class XII exams due to the pandemic. CBSE had canceled the Class XII exams on June 1, after which several state boards, including Maharashtra, later canceled their exams.

Regarding the preparation of the result, the principals of Delhi have told the committee that they can mark the students on the basis of examinations conducted in the schools during the academic year 2020-21. According to a TOI report, CBSE schools in Mumbai were unable to conduct offline exams and practical exams throughout the year. This year the physics exam was not conducted, while the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR) had offline exams and practicals in November last year. These were then allowed by the state. Schools which could not do their practicals were instructed to conduct online practical tests and oral tests. Explain that the internal assessment marks of class XII are to be uploaded on the CBSE system by June 28.

At the same time, the schools are demanding that more weightage should be given to the term test of class 12th, pre-board marks and internal assessment. At the same time, many schools say that it would be unfair to include class 11 marks as students do not take class XI seriously. During this, they prepare for their competitive exams.

Students say that during the Corona era, pre-board examinations have been taken online and in many government schools through offline means, in which the examinations of many children were also missed. Not only this, some papers were also left in many schools, in such a situation how much weightage of marks of those exams would be justified. It is also being said that due to the deteriorating condition of Corona, all the pre-board examinations could not be conducted in many schools. At the same time, students say that many students have not attended the pre board examinations.

According to sources, the CBSE committee is working to fix the scale of 30:30:40 formula for giving numbers and is in the process of finalizing it. The board is getting different suggestions from schools for the optional assessment of class 12 to CBSE. It is also being said that instead of marks, students should be given grades this year. For the 12th result, it is being said that it is being prepared by adding the numbers of pre board, 10th and 11th.

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