CBSE 12th Result 2021: Result tabulation portal launched, such schools will prepare results

CBSE 12th Result 2021: The CBSE Board has launched a result tabulation portal to help schools in the calculation and preparation of results. Learn about it….

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is busy preparing for the 12th result on July 31. In this sequence, CBSE has launched a portal to help schools for class 12th results. The board says that this portal will prove to be very helpful in preparing the result.

With the help of this portal all CBSE schools will upload the marks of the students which will be used along with other data in the portal to prepare the class 12 result. On Monday, CBSE issued a statement regarding the portal saying that a sequence of all the activities has been prepared, now it is being activated on the portal. When the rest of the time comes, it will be activated to make it easier for the schools.

Along with this, CBSE has also made it clear that till the release of the result, the board will be in touch with every school so that there is no problem related to the result. At the same time, preparations are being made to set up a help desk to help the schools involved in preparing the 10th-12th result, which will resolve any doubts they may have. Let us tell you that the CBSE 12th result will be released by 31 July.

Earlier the board had launched a portal for class X. The system given in the portal will reduce the calculation work, as well as reduce the time taken and reduce many other problems. At the same time, CBSE IT Director Antriksh Johri said that CBSE had prepared a similar portal for class 10 result tabulation.

Now this portal has been made available to all the schools. The board claims that this portal, developed in record time, will not only give accuracy but will also speed up the result calculation process.

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