CBSE 10,12 Result 2021: Result preparation fast, will the marking criteria be prepared like this?

Keeping in mind the serious dangers of corona infection, the government had canceled the board exams of class 10th and 12th. Now the biggest challenge is to prepare the result of the students of these two classes in the form of marksheet. CBSE Board had released the assessment policy for class 10th on June 1, now a 13-member committee is working for the assessment of class 12th. Many points are coming out about what kind of marking criteria can this committee keep in the assessment. Let’s find out – what are they.

It is being said that Class XII students whose final exams were canceled may also be judged on the basis of their performance in pre-boards conducted by schools earlier and their marks in Class X and XI. According to information received from a committee constituted by CBSE under the chairmanship of Joint Secretary, Ministry of Education, Vipin Kumar, the performance of previous examinations can be kept as an important factor in deciding the result.

It is worth noting that the criteria that may come up for the students of class 12, there may be many similarities in those criteria, on the basis of which the students of class 10 will be assessed. CBSE had last month issued a 17-page circular to award marks to Class X students in a nearly identical situation, based on which marks for Class X students will be awarded broadly in two broad ways.

This includes the performance of the student in the previous examinations and classes in the 10th result as well as the performance of the school in the previous board examinations. Apart from this, for class X, the board had tried to be careful in fixing the marks at the same time. According to the circular issued on May 1 for class X, just one month before the cancellation of class XII examination, schools will ask committees along with principals and teachers to allot marks.

For the evaluation of class X, it was decided that while preparing the result, weightage will be given to the examinations held from time to time, half yearly examinations and pre-board examinations. However, for this process it was also said that different schools may have different marking standards. Hence to eliminate the possibility of any odd results, CBSE has asked the schools to moderate their results on the basis of their own performance in the previous board examinations.

The image of the school will also affect the performance of the school in the tenth result also matters. The board has said that the schools have been asked to look at the performance of their last three years and choose the year when they performed best. This year will be used as the reference point. For example, if the students of a school have scored an average of 78% marks in the reference year, then the performance will be the reference point for their evaluation.

CBSE has given flexibility to various schools to deal with specific situations. However, schools have also been asked to maintain records, through which CBSE will also verify that they have followed the procedures properly. Similarly, it is being said that the criteria of class XII can have many similarities with that of class X. It is expected that the board will soon file a report in the Supreme Court in which it will be apprised of the decision taken.

Earlier, a senior government official, however, said that while the Class X template would be “helpful”, it would be premature to assume that the same model would be copied and pasted. CBSE has said that there can be many changes in the criteria of 12th which will be completely different from 10th.

The scale of giving numbers for preparing CBSE class 12 results will be decided by June 16 and 17. According to sources, the committee of CBSE is working to decide the scale of giving this number and is busy in finalizing it. At present, the board is getting different suggestions from schools for the optional assessment of class 12 to CBSE. It is also being said that instead of marks, students should be given grades this year. For the 12th result, it is being said that it is being prepared by adding the numbers of pre board, 10th and 11th.

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