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US announces $144 million in humanitarian aid to Afghanistan

Washington: The United States will provide USD 144 million in assistance to the people of Afghanistan who have been facing a grave humanitarian crisis under the Taliban, Secretary of State Tony Blinken announced here. The assistance will be provided directly to independent international and non-governmental humanitarian organisations, including the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees […]

‘Dancing Grannies’ of China who have become a ‘problem’ for locals

New Delhi: China’s elderly women have adopted a new hobby to socialise and exercise much to the annoyance of the locals. The middle-aged and older women in China gather most nights or early mornings into public parks and centers for square dancing.  According to The Guardian report, these ‘gangs’ who went through the Cultural Revolution […]

North Korea slams UN for ‘double standards’ over missile tests, warns of consequences

Seoul: North Korea said on Sunday the United Nations Security Council applied double standards over military activities among U.N. member states, state media KCNA said, amid international criticism over its recent missile tests. The Council met behind closed doors on Friday upon requests from the United States and other countries over the North`s missile launches. […]

Germany carpark allocates parking spots for LGBTQ community and migrants

New Delhi: In an act of support, a car park in Germany reserved three spots for the LGBTQ community and migrants. The wall behind the cars has been painted in rainbow colours with words “Vielfalt Parkplätze” (diversity spaces) adorning them.  Hanauer Parkhaus GmbH (HPG) who created these diversity spaces said it was done to help […]

US has ‘honest concerns’ about terrorist safe havens in Pakistan

Washington: The US has been very honest about its concerns with Pakistan for a long time about the terrorist safe havens along with the border areas of Afghanistan, the Pentagon has said. Afghanistan and the US have criticised Pakistan in the past for allowing Taliban fighters to cross into Pakistan where they are provided safe havens and […]

UK: Woman ‘arrested’ raped by police officer, then burnt her body

In Britain, a police officer stopped a woman, handcuffed, falsely arrested and then raped a woman over the Corona rules. Not only this, after the rape, the police officer killed the woman and burnt the body. The details of this dreadful incident have come to light during the ongoing hearing in the court. This incident […]

China is not giving entry to Indian students, said – there is no other option to stop corona

Indian students recently demonstrated in front of the Chinese Embassy in New Delhi. These students want to go back to China to continue their studies. The students are demanding that Beijing allow them to come so that they can continue their studies. On the other hand, China is still under the shadow of fear of […]

Will ‘never’ close schools again, says Turkish health minister amid high COVID-19 infections

Ankara: Turkey will “never” close schools again despite a recent rise in COVID-19 infections and the government is mulling various methods to continue in-person education, Health Minister Fahrettin Koca said. After months of online classes during the COVID-19 pandemic, Turkey reopened schools this month, while removing most restrictions over the summer. It also began asking […]

Taliban execute child in Panjshir over suspicion about his father being a Resistance member

Kabul: The Taliban regime has brutally executed a child in Takhar province of Afghanistan over suspicion that his father is a member of the Afghan Resistance Forces. The execution has been reported by Panjshir Observer which is an independent media covering Panjshir and Afghanistan situation. “Child executed in Takhar province by Taliban fighters after his father […]

‘Will provide even more protection’: US President Joe Biden gets COVID-19 vaccine booster shot

New Delhi: United States President Joe Biden on Monday (September 27, 2021) received his COVID-19 vaccine booster shot and said that it will provide even more protection from the virus. Like his first and second doses, Biden took the Pfizer jab publicly. “This is a pandemic of the unvaccinated. That’s why I’m moving forward with vaccination […]

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