Bride returned from Pakistan after two and a half years, grand welcome on her in-laws’ house for the first time

Vikram Singh a resident of Jaisalmer district of Rajasthan, was married in January 2019 in Amarkot Pakistan but the bride could not come to her in-laws’ house ie Hindustan even once after marriage. After about two and a half years, when the bride came to India today, when she reached Barmer, her family’s happiness knew no bounds.

When the bride reached her in-laws’ house, there was no limit to the happiness of Vikram Singh and his family. On their arrival in India, Vikram and his bride were given a grand welcome. Vikram Singh said that since when I and my family were waiting for this moment. Finally that moment has come today.

It is believed that Sindh and Hind have a relationship of bread and daughter. Many sons of India are married in Sindh province of Pakistan. Similarly, Vikram Singh, a resident of Jaisalmer district, was married in January 2019 in Amarkot district of Pakistan, after which Vikram was preparing to bring the bride.

But suddenly after the strike in Balakot, the relationship between the two countries deteriorated, which resulted in the closure of Thar Express.

According to Vikram Singh, in January 2019, he took his procession from Thar Express to Amarkot in Sindh province of Pakistan and got married there. Used to wait for 3 months to take the bride, but did not get success, then came back. Since then, he kept on pleading with the governments to bring his bride.

Vikram explains that finally with the help of Union Minister of State for Agriculture Kailash Choudhary, a hope arose. During this time my son is born in Pakistan, who comes to India with his maternal grandparents in March 2021. But my wife’s passport was blacklisted. Because of this my wife could not come to India. Since then the efforts were continuously going on and finally now the effort paid off. For the first time after marriage, my wife Hindustan has reached her in-laws’ house and she is very happy about it.

According to BJP’s District General Secretary Swaroop Singh Khara, we have fought a long struggle for the bride of Vikram Singh. Finally the hard work of our MP Kailash Chaudhary paid off and today the moment we were eagerly waiting for has arrived. Today we welcomed Vikram Singh and his bride in a Rajasthani style.

Even today there are many families whose people are stuck in India and Pakistan because the Thar Express has stopped. In such a situation, there was no other means of commuting. Therefore, there is a demand of these families that the government should start the Thar Express as soon as possible so that the separated people can be reunited.

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