BJP’s reply to Munawwar Rana on the statement of leaving UP – find another state, Yogi’s return is fixed

The BJP has retaliated on the statement of famous poet Munawwar Rana leaving Uttar Pradesh on the return of Yogi. BJP spokesperson Rakesh Tripathi said, Munavwar Rana should find another city or state, because in 2022, Yogi will be the only one. Tripathi said, Rana is doing the work of dissolving religious colors in politics.

Actually, Munawwar Rana had recently said that if Yogi Adityanath becomes CM again in UP, I will leave the state and will also agree that this state is not fit for Muslims to live in. On Owaisi’s party contesting elections in UP, Munawwar Rana said that both BJP and AIMIM are such parties, which are fighting elections against each other just for show. While both want to polarize the votes in the state on a religious basis.

Yogi took a jibe at the population policy

Rana took a jibe at Chief Minister Adityanath over the new population policy of Uttar Pradesh. He said, if CM Yogi was married, he would have thought before bringing the population law.

Questions also raised on the action of UP Police

Munawwar Rana said, Muslim children are being killed in the encounter. Fake cases are being made in the name of Al Qaeda. If Muslims in UP are not able to live according to law, then what will Al Qaeda live for? Not only this, he said, I also raise questions on the intelligence agency that why innocent people are being implicated. The bomb is being called by lifting the cooker from the house.

Muslims will not vote for Owaisi

Munawwar Rana said only BJP will benefit by contesting the elections of Owaisi’s party. He said that if there is some intelligence in the Muslim community of UP, then they will not vote for Owaisi. He said that the only job of the BJP government is to harass Muslims by any means. Whether it is a matter of conversion law and population control law or arrest in the name of terrorism.

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