Birth Control: Condom-pills hassle will end, new way to stop sperm

There are different methods of birth control available, but most people consider condoms and medicine to be the easiest and most effective contraceptives. Although there are many people who do not want pregnancy, but despite this they do not take any kind of protection. Some women are afraid of taking birth control pills because of the side effects. There is a large number of such pregnancies in the whole world which happen without any planning. However, scientists have found a new method of birth control, which anyone can use without any hesitation and ease.

The special thing is that scientists are making this contraceptive with monoclonal antibodies. Scientists claim that this contraceptive will work better without any change in the hormones of women. Monoclonal antibodies attack sperm through the immune system in the same way as a virus. It makes the sperm its prey before it meets the eggs.

This contraceptive method is explained in detail in the journal Science Translational Medicine and EBiomedicine. According to the study, monoclonal antibodies capture the sperm and make them very weak. The study also tried to know whether it can be used as a contraceptive and how safe it is to insert it into the vagina.

Monoclonal antibodies have also been used in the treatment of Covid-19. According to study author Anderson, these antibodies have been found to be very effective in binding the sperm. Anderson says that this contraceptive will be like a thin membrane that can be bought from medical stores without any prescription. It will do its work for full 24 hours.

Anderson said, ‘I think it’s going to be more popular with women who occasionally have intercourse. Such women avoid the use of drugs that have a long-lasting effect on hormones. They definitely need a product that they can use according to their needs.

A group of scientists used this antibody on sheep as a contraceptive. In the study, monoclonal antibodies were found to be more effective and potent on sperm than natural antibodies. At the same time, Anderson’s team conducted a clinical trial on some female volunteers to understand its dosage and safety.

In the first phase of clinical trials, 9 women injected antibodies through the membrane into the vagina every day for a week. Apart from this, the researchers also conducted a placebo study on 29 women. For this, these women were given a membrane that did not contain antibodies. The researchers found the vaginal pH of women in the antibody group was similar to that of women in the placebo group. No bacterial infection was also found in women who applied monoclonal antibodies.

In the trial, monoclonal antibodies were found to be safe and active in women for 24 hours. However, researchers need to test it on a large group of sexually active women for concrete information. Apart from this, researchers have started working on another antibody that will be used as a contraceptive gel for men. For men, it can prove to be a good alternative to condoms and sterilization.

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