Bihar: By breaking the window, the minor took away the minor in the night, murdered after the gangrape

A case of gang rape and murder of a minor girl has come to light from Hajipur. Police have arrested three accused and search is on for others. The poor took the girl away from the house.

A case of gang rape and murder of a minor girl has come to light from Hajipur, Bihar. It is being told that five criminals entered the house by breaking the window and took away the minor. The miscreants first gang-raped her, then to escape, after killing the girl, threw the body in the bushes. After this incident, there is an atmosphere of anger among the people.

Minor girl murdered after gang rape
This incident happened on June 29 last. The girl’s body was recovered late on Wednesday evening. It is from Bhagwanpur Ratti village of Vaishali district. It is being told that the relatives of the deceased girl had gone to a wedding ceremony in a nearby village. There was a 14-year-old minor girl with the grandfather at home. The girl was inside the house while her grandfather slept near the door of the house. Meanwhile, five boys entered the house through the window and forcibly took the girl away. After this the incident of gang rape and murder was carried out. The girl’s body was found in the bushes in the morning and the villagers informed the police. The girl was a student of class 11th.

The miscreants took the girl out of the house
When the innocent girl sleeping in the house did not come out in the morning, her grandfather informed the neighbors about it. Neighbors banged the door of the house loudly but there was no sound, after which they saw that the window of the house was broken and there was no one inside. Then the search for the girl was started in the village. After some time it was found that the girl’s body was lying in the bushes. On information, the police reached the spot and took the body in possession and sent it for post-mortem. The PM report came that the minor girl has been murdered after the gangrape.

Some people were roaming around the house
After this incident, there is an atmosphere of anger in the village. The villagers ransacked the house of the accused by attacking them. The police has converted the entire area into a cantonment. After registering the case, the police have arrested three accused and two are said to be absconding. Police is on the lookout for them.

Police arrested three accused
The deceased girl’s maternal uncle Ranjit Kumar says that her niece was alone at home. Some handsome boys of the village were wandering here and there late in the evening. There was an iron net on the window of the house, the poor first cut it and entered inside the house, then took the girl away, where she was first gang-raped and then murdered. Three boys involved in this crime have been arrested by the police. During the post-mortem, the doctor has confirmed the gang rape.

Police is seriously investigating this matter
Raghav Dayal, SDPO of Bhagwanpur Ratti police station Vaishali village says that a case has come up from Vaishali village. The girl’s grandfather has lodged a report in the police station that some miscreants took away his granddaughter from the house, first raped her and after murder threw the body in the bushes. The body has been recovered and post-mortem has been done and out of the named accused, three accused have also been arrested.

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