Bhupendra Patel will take oath as the Chief Minister of Gujarat tomorrow at 2 pm, after two days the swearing-in of the cabinet

Bhupendra Patel who has been made the new Chief Minister of Gujarat, is going to take oath tomorrow at 2 pm. It has been received that Bhupendra Patel will take oath as CM tomorrow at 2 o’clock in the afternoon. Two days after this, the cabinet ministers will also be sworn in.

Bhupendra Patel will take oath tomorrow

For information, let us tell you that today on Sunday, a meeting of the BJP’s legislature party was held. In that meeting, the name of Bhupendra Patel was stamped. He was elected as the Chief Minister of Gujarat. There were definitely big names like Nitin Patel and Mandaviya in the race, but BJP took a bet on a new face and this big responsibility was handed over to Bhupendra Patel, who came from the Patidar community.

In such a situation, tomorrow i.e. from September 13, Bhupendra Chapter is going to start in Gujarat. After Rupani’s resignation, BJP again needed a leader from the ground. That search ended on Bhupendra Patel and now he is going to have an active role in the elections to be held next year as well.

Why did you choose BJP?

Talking about Bhupendra Patel, he comes from the Patidar community. He is a Kadwa Patidar, in such a situation, BJP has tried to make many political equations by taking him forward. Bhupendra has been made the CM of Gujarat so that Patidar can be made happy. At present, she is an MLA from Ghatodiya seat, where Anandiben Patel used to contest elections at one point of time. In a short span of time, Bhupendra has made such a hold in his area that everyone calls him ‘Dada’ there. Now there ‘Dada’ has become the Sardar of Gujarat.

How will the cabinet be?

For now, Bhupendra Patel has met the Governor, the time for the oath has also come and the preparations for the program have also been started. Now the oath will be taken tomorrow, but the cabinet of the new government will take oath after two days. There is information that many old ministers can also be retained. At the same time, the suspense remains regarding the post of Deputy CM.

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