BB OTT: Milind Gaba made a shocking comment about Neha Bhasin’s clothes, singer trolled

The dose of drama in Bigg Boss OTT is increasing day by day. While Neha Bhasin’s flirtation with her new connection Prateek Sahajpal is in discussion, Neha’s fights with old connection Milind Gaba have started getting worse.

In the show, Neha and Milind’s war of words increased to such an extent that Neha could not even control her words. Now due to the things said by Neha, the audience is demanding to evict her. Neha Bhasin is being heavily trolled on Twitter.

Bigg Boss asked the family members who should be punished for breaking the rules of the house. There was a lot of debate between Neha and Milind on this. During this, when the family members were accusing each other, then Milind also disclosed what Neha said.

Milind Gaba said that Neha told him that she does not wear any undergarments in the bedroom area. This made Milind uncomfortable. Milind revealed this when Neha, referring to a task, says that Milind had come so close to her that she could feel his body.

After Milind’s revelations, Neha clarifies that it was a joke and there was no such thing as a bad thing in it. In anger, Neha also said that Milind has also made fun of her body parts. Prateek supported Neha while Moose Jattana and Divya Agarwal supported Milind.

This drama of Bigg Boss OTT has also become a topic of discussion among the audience. Users are trolling Neha and demanding to get her out of the show. Users are trending #Evict Neha Bhasin on Twitter.

Users made a lot of negative comments on Neha’s behavior. One user wrote ‘Neha Bhasin last season’s poem Kaushik is self-centered, disturbing and knowing’ while another user wrote – ‘When Neha Bhasin is doing all these wrong things without the permission of Prateek and Milind Gaba. Where were Rakesh Bapat and Shamita Shetty then.

Such comments continue in future also. One user wrote, ‘What Milind Gaba said in yesterday’s episode was absolutely wrong but Neha was very useless…Milind please don’t lose your temper. The audience is watching you. Another wrote, ‘Milind Gaba at least apologised, but Neha is not at all ashamed of her allegations and bullying others.’

Let us tell you that ever since the connections have changed in Bigg Boss house, the distance between Neha and Milind is increasing. Now Milind Akshara Singh has connections and their friendship is going well.

On the other hand, Neha and Prateek are new connections and their bonding is also deepening. The family members have also given the name of love angle many times to Neha’s attachment to the symbol. Something similar seems from his antics as well that Neha is attracted towards Prateek.

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