Battle for land in Bihar! RJD bid – more land is needed for office, Nitish’s answer – will it come from the sky?

It is always difficult to tell when which issue becomes big in Bihar’s politics and when the ruckus starts on which issue. Now in the politics of Bihar, the struggle for ‘land’ has broken out. The only dispute is that RJD wants more land for its party office. Arguing that it is the largest party, but it was allotted the least land.

But Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has a different opinion on this issue. He has said that land has been allotted to all the parties. Now will the land come from the sky? Now even on Nitish’s statement, RJD has sent a solution from its side.

Battle for land in Bihar

RJD state president Jagdanand Singh has held a press conference today and demanded from the government that the vacant land of Patna High Court should be allotted to his party. The State President of RJD has said that the department should correspond with the Hon’ble High Court and demand that land for RJD office and in lieu of that, allot land to the High Court at another place.

Now RJD is also pained by the fact that JDU has the least MLAs but still has the maximum land for office. BJP is the number two party, its office also has more land than RJD office. Due to this pain, RJD is now trying its best to make this land dispute bigger.

Tejashwi accuses JDU

RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav alleged that the party has occupied the land by demolishing the flats of the MLAs for the JDU office. He said that the JDU office is on 66000 square feet of land and has 41 MLAs. BJP has 74 MLAs and its office is on 52000 square feet land. But the RJD office is allotted only 19842 square feet of land while it has 75 MLAs.

Nitish took a jibe

Nitish Kumar does not agree with these allegations of Tejashwi. He has said without naming anyone that he had not allotted land to anyone when his government was there. We alloted land to all the recognized parties in 2006, we got the choice.

Bharatiya Janata Party’s state spokesperson Arvind Kumar Singh has taken a jibe at RJD and said that the party whose national president has a lot of benami property acquired from scams, why should the state president of that party apply to the government for a small office. have to give? Somewhere fearing the wrath of Tej Pratap Yadav, the eldest son of the national president of RJD, is not applying to the government to build a separate office.

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