Barbara made big revelations: Mehul Choksi was found as Raj, gifted fake diamond-bracelet

Mehul Choksi, an accused in the Punjab National Bank (PNB) scam case, is currently in the custody of the Caribbean country of Dominica. Mehul Choksi, who escaped from Antigua in the last week of May, was found in Dominica. Efforts are also being made to bring him to India, but in the midst of all this, a woman is constantly being mentioned, whose name is Barbara Jarabika.

Barbara Jarabika is being told as Mehul Choksi’s girlfriend, earlier allegations have been made against her by Mehul Choksi. But now Barbara has put her side in front of everyone. Talking exclusively to India Today, Barbara made many revelations about Mehul Choksi.

Barbara Jarabika told that she was Mehul Choksi’s friend, Mehul told Barbara himself as ‘Raj’. According to Barbara, Mehul Choksi spoke to her during his visit last year. He started to develop friendship and flirt. Later he gifted them diamonds and bracelets, but those too turned out to be fake.

Regarding the allegations of kidnapping made by Mehul Choksi, Barbara said that she has nothing to do with it. His name has been included by the lawyers and family members of Mehul Choksi. Ever since this dispute happened, he and his family are under stress.

A WhatsApp chat has also been issued by Barbara, in which Mehul Choksi’s number has been saved in the name of Raj New. In the chat, Mehul is trying to persuade Barbara.

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