Baby born a month after the show closed? Know Kapil Sharma’s answer to Ajay Devgn’s question

New Delhi: Comedy king Kapil Sharma is known for his witty wit and funny one-liners. Recently, ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ has once again returned to the small screen. Ajay Devgn and the team of his film ‘Bhuj – The Pride of India’ became guests on the first episode of the show. Promo videos of the show have been released in which Ajay Devgn and Kapil Sharma are seen talking.

Baby in a month?

In the promo video, Ajay Devgn is seen trying to pull Kapil Sharma. However, who runs in front of Kapil Sharma’s spot response? During the conversation, Ajay Devgn asks Kapil Sharma that your show was closed in January, was it not? In response to this, Kapil Sharma says that this season was closed in January.

Kapil replied to Ajay

After this Ajay Devgn asks Kapil Sharma that the show closed in January and had a child in February? After this, Kapil Sharma pauses for a moment and replies that the product was released in February, was it not? The shooting was going on since 9 months ago. Not only Ajay Devgn but also Archana Puran Singh could not stop laughing on this answer of Kapil Sharma.

Great fun in the show

After this, Kapil Sharma pulls Ajay Devgn’s leg regarding the story of the film and in this promo, Kapil Sharma has said why he has stopped tweeting celebs. Apart from this, it is shown in the promo video how Kiku pulls Nora Fatehi’s leg in the Sharda show. Let us tell you that soon Akshay Kumar will also be seen promoting his film in this show.

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