Attack on Jammu Air Force station was done by drone, DGP said – conspiracy from across the border

Two blasts took place at Jammu Air Force station late night. Drones were used in these blasts. Jammu and Kashmir DGP Dilbag Singh has confirmed this. He told that the attack was planned from across the border, but it was executed from inside the border.

Two blasts created panic inside the Air Force station near Jammu airport. Within five minutes there were two explosions. Jammu and Kashmir DGP Dilbag Singh has confirmed the drone attack in a conversation with Aaj Tak. They say that its conspiracy was hatched from across the border, but it was executed here. Earlier, Air Force personnel had also seen explosives falling from the drone.

Two suspects have been taken into custody in this case. Both were caught from near the Air Force station of Jammu. Both are being interrogated. Meanwhile, investigation is going on at Jammu Air Force Station, the team of NIA and NSG has reached here.

Late night blast

Two blasts took place inside the Air Force station at Jammu Airport late in the night. The first explosion took place at 1:37 pm and the second explosion took place exactly 5 minutes later at 1:42 pm. However, no damage was done in these blasts. The Air Force tweeted that the first blast took place on the roof of the building and the second blast took place on the ground. Only the roof of the building was damaged by the blast.

Now the angle of terrorist attack is also coming to the fore in the blasts. The team of NIA and NSG has reached the Air Force station for investigation. The DIG of CRPF has also reached the spot. Apart from these, the team of Special Forces has also reached here.

According to sources, in the investigation so far, suspicion is being raised of dropping the IED from the drone. It is believed that IEDs were dropped from the neighboring country of Pakistan through drones. Ambala, Pathankot and Awantipora airbases have also been put on high alert due to the threat of drone strike.

DGP confirms drone attack
Jammu and Kashmir DGP Dilbag Singh has confirmed the use of drones in a conversation with Aaj Tak. He said, “Drone itself was used as an IED, because by chance, the parts of the drone have been found. In such a situation, it is believed that the drone was used as a bomb.”

He also said that the plan for this attack was hatched across the border but the executioners of the blast are present inside the border. He also told that the target was Air Force personnel. He said, “The Air Force personnel were on target, not the civilians. Near the single story building where the blast took place, there is a rest room for the Air Force personnel and the timing of the blast is also such that all flights are stopped at that time.”

Earlier, sources had also said that this drone attack would be carried out from Jammu itself. This is because the international border is 25 to 30 kilometers away from the station and the air distance is 10 to 15 kilometers. In such a situation, there has been a deep suspicion that the attack was done from somewhere in Jammu itself.

FIR registered, two suspects in custody
The Jammu Police has also registered an FIR on the blast. This FIR has been registered under Section 16, 18 and Explosive Act of UAPA. This FIR has been registered in Satwari police station. This case will now be investigated like a terrorist attack. Two suspects have been taken into custody in this case. Both these suspects have been caught from near Satwari area. Both are being taken into custody and interrogated.

The aircraft were on target
There is talk of using two drones to carry out these blasts. The apprehension of this becomes even deeper because there is also a problem in catching the drones that dropped the ammunition in the radar. Many such drones have escaped from being caught by the radar many times in the past as well.

Drone attack happened for the first time
With the confirmation of the drone attack, this is the first time that a drone attack has taken place on a military base. There have been attacks on military bases many times before, but drones were never used till now. This is the first time that terrorists have used drones to carry out the attack.

Pakistan had bought drones from China
It has been learned that recently Pakistan’s terrorist organizations had bought drones from China. Payloads of up to 20 kg could be carried through these drones and they were capable of flying up to 25 km at a time. It is being told that in October-November 2020, he was trained to drop IEDs on a fixed target.

Air Force Chief is keeping watch from Bangladesh itself
Air Chief Marshal RKS Bhadauria is currently on a tour of Bangladesh and is keeping an eye on the situation from there. A senior Air Force officer said that Air Chief Marshal Bhadauria is monitoring the entire matter from Bangladesh. He has ordered an inquiry. Western Commander Air Marshal VR Chaudhary is present on the spot.

Air Marshal Vikram Singh will reach the spot
Defense Minister Rajnath Singh has spoken to Vice Air Chief Air Marshal HS Arora and inquired about the matter. Now Air Marshal Vikram Singh, the second most senior officer of the Western Command, is about to reach the Air Force station to take stock of the situation.

Difficult task of catching a drone
Catching a drone is a very difficult task, because companies around the world adopt three types of techniques for detection. First RF-monitoring, second radar and third optical sensor (camera). However, all three have their own limitations as well. For example, RF-monitoring does not catch pre-programmed and satellite drones. In the case of similar radar, the ability to detect the drone depends on its range. At the same time, the optical sensor i.e. the camera is able to detect only short distance drones. If you want to capture the long distance drone, then thermal camera will have to be used for that, which is very expensive.

IED recovered from another place
Jammu and Kashmir DGP Dilbag Singh said that the Jammu Police has recovered 5-6 kg IED explosives from another place. This explosive has been recovered from the hideout of Lashkar-e-Taiba. He told that the terrorists were planning to use this explosive in a crowded place and were in the process of carrying out a major attack. He told that the police is also working on the Airforce station blast case.

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