Ashraf Ghani now has the sword of arrest! Embassy appeals to Interpol for running away with money

The difficulties of former President Ashraf Ghani, who fled the country leaving Afghanistan in the hands of the Taliban, seem to be increasing. The Afghan Embassy in Tajikistan has appealed to Interpol to arrest Ashraf Ghani.

It has been alleged by the Embassy that Ashraf Ghani and his accomplices have fled with money from the country, so they should be arrested immediately. After this the matter should be decided in the International Court of Justice.

Apart from Ashraf Ghani, the Afghan Embassy has appealed to arrest Hamdallah Moheb and Fazal Mehbood Fazil. Let us tell you that by the time the Taliban stormed the Presidential Palace of Afghanistan on the night of August 15, Ashraf Ghani had left the country.

Was accused of running away with money from the country

It was claimed in local reports that Ashraf Ghani has taken money in several cars and helicopters with him. In the midst of these allegations, it was also revealed that Ashraf Ghani was not allowed to land in Tajikistan, so he is currently staying in Qatar and can go to America soon.

Changes have started to be seen in the Embassy of Afghanistan in Tajikistan. Here the picture of Ashraf Ghani has been removed and the picture of Amrullah Saleh, who describes himself as the acting President, has been replaced.

Let us tell you that after escaping from Afghanistan, Ashraf Ghani also made a Facebook post. In which he said that he had to leave the country to stop the bloodshed, he is in a very difficult situation at the moment. Whereas the US had blamed Ashraf Ghani for the success of the Taliban.

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