Announcement of WHO – Third wave started in the world; UBS Securities warns – India too close due to delta variant

Amidst many apprehensions and claims, the third wave of corona in India seems to be near. A foreign brokerage firm has warned that fears of a third wave of corona in the country may soon turn into reality due to rising cases of delta variant and mutating of the virus. At the same time, the World Health Organization (WHO) has announced the beginning of third wave in the world. The organization’s chief Dr. Tedros Ghebreyesus warned the countries on Wednesday that they have entered the initial phase of the third wave of Corona.

Deaths rise again after 10 weeks of decline
According to UN News, health experts have sounded the alarm over the recent increase in corona cases and deaths. These declined as vaccination coverage increased in Europe and North America. The media wing of the United Nations says that there has been an increase in corona cases across the world for the fourth consecutive week. After a 10-week decline, deaths have also started rising again.

The WHO chief said that the virus is constantly changing itself. Along with this, it is becoming more contagious. He said that the Delta variant has now reached more than 111 countries. It may soon spread all over the world. The alpha variant of the virus has been found in 178 countries, beta in 123 countries and gamma in 75 countries.

Cases increased by 67% in America, 61% in Spain
Brazil is getting the maximum number of new cases in the world. In the last 24 hours, their number was more than 57 thousand. Last week, 3.49 lakh cases were found here. However, there has been a decline of 14% in new cases here. During this period, cases have increased by 45% in Indonesia, 28% in Britain, 67% in America, 61% in Spain.

India is at the forefront of deaths in the South East Asia region. 6 thousand new deaths have been registered here. It is followed by Indonesia and Bangladesh.

Relaxation in restrictions increases risk in India
According to news agency PTI, UBS Securities India Chief Economist Tanvi Gupta Jain has said that many states are easing restrictions, markets are opening, due to which the risk of third wave has become more. The pace of vaccination has also started slowing down in the country.

According to a UBS report, earlier in India, an average of 4 million doses were being administered every day. Now this number has come down to 34 lakhs. This situation is also dangerous because now 45% of the cases are coming up in rural areas.

The second wave is not over in 20% of the districts, the sound of the third wave
Tanvi Gupta Jain said on Wednesday that most of the cases in the country are being found in 20% of the districts. Here the effect of the second wave has not ended and the sound of the third wave has started to be heard. He said economic pointers are returning to normal, but they are still showing mixed results. There has been an increase in the number of train and air passengers. At the same time, according to the UBS India Activity Indicator, toll collections are still below the previous level.

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