Amidst the ruckus, Brazil suspended the covaxine deal, the contract was worth $320 million

Brazil has decided to suspend the deal made with Bharat Biotech for the vaccine. A lot of questions were being raised on this deal in Brazil, after which now this contract worth $ 324 million has been suspended.

On Tuesday, Brazil’s Health Minister Marcelo announced this. According to the deal, Brazil had to buy a total of 20 million vaccine doses from Bharat Biotech. But questions were raised about the deal in Brazil and President Jair Bolsonaro was accused of concealing corruption.

The Brazilian government was constantly surrounded by whistleblowers, clarification was also given by the government but it did not make any difference. Now when this matter reached the Supreme Court of Brazil, then the Brazilian government decided to cancel the deal.

According to Brazilian media reports, until the investigation of this matter is completed, the deal made for the vaccine will remain suspended. However, it has been repeatedly claimed by the Ministry of Health of Brazil that there is no wrong doing in this deal.

What were the allegations of wrong doing in the deal?

In fact, it was alleged about this deal that a health ministry official from Brazil was pressurized to buy Bharat Biotech’s covaxine. President Jair was aware of this, but despite this he could not stop the deal and Brazil had to buy expensive covaccine.

Ever since there was talk of disturbances regarding this deal in Brazil, President Jair was on everyone’s target. The parliamentary panel is also investigating about the management of Corona, in front of which this matter also came up.

There was also the question that Brazil had the option of buying Pfizer’s vaccine, but it bought an expensive vaccine from Bharat Biotech, if the allegations of wrongdoing were proved, then President Jair’s chair could be in trouble.

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