America returned after 20 years of war, Taliban captured the airport, firing in celebration

After 19 years, 10 months and 25 days, the US has finally left Afghanistan. America has returned from here after fighting a war of two decades, which is being considered a big defeat. When the last US plane took off from Kabul airport late on Monday, Taliban fighters celebrated fiercely. There was aerial firing by the Taliban on the streets of Kabul.

After America left Kabul, now the Taliban have taken possession of Kabul airport. That is, if someone has to go out of the country now, then he has to go only after the permission of the Taliban. The Taliban now have complete control over Afghanistan.

This is the reason that the Taliban left no stone unturned to celebrate this battle of nearly 20 years. As soon as America returned, there was nonstop aerial firing and celebrations. Not only firing, after the withdrawal of American troops from the Taliban, firecrackers were also lit and the sky was illuminated.

“Now we are completely free”

The Taliban has also given a statement on America’s return. It has been said that after 20 years of killing our people, injuring thousands of people and causing economic loss, America has finally returned from here. The Taliban declared that now Afghanistan is completely independent.

Let us tell you that in 2001, America had entered Afghanistan with the intention of killing Osama bin Laden. From then till now he was there and fighting to end Taliban-terrorism. However, the US could not succeed in this and now the Taliban is ruling Afghanistan.

America had announced the withdrawal of all its soldiers by August 31, under which this mission is over. Since the capture of the Taliban on August 14, the US has evacuated more than one lakh people from Kabul airport.

The US says that after negotiating with the Taliban, it will continue to evacuate people, for the time being no American aircraft will be allowed into Afghanistan’s airspace.

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