America: Biden’s big decision, all arms deals with Afghanistan canceled after Taliban capture

In the midst of the Afghanistan crisis, the US government has taken a big decision. In this, the Biden administration has canceled all the arms deals with the Afghan government for the time being. This has been done after the occupation of Afghanistan by the Taliban. The US government has also sent a notice regarding this to the contractors making arms.

On Wednesday, the Bureau of Political/Military Affairs of the Ministry of Home Affairs has sent a notice. It is written in it that the pending orders of weapons to be sent to Afghanistan and those which have not been delivered should be stopped for the time being.

It is further written in the notice that at present the situation in Afghanistan is changing rapidly. The Directorate of Defense Sales is currently looking into all pending and issued export licenses. It has been further said that any new order will be given to the defense equipment exporters in the coming days.

G-7 meeting to be held next week on Afghan crisis

US President Joe Biden and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson are keeping an eye on the rapidly changing developments in Afghanistan. Both will hold a digital meeting of the G-7 countries next week. The two talked on the phone on the Afghan issue. The two will also discuss how the global community can provide humanitarian aid and support to refugees and other Afghan citizens.

Earlier, Biden had justified America’s decision to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan. Biden said that his focus was on future and present threats, not on those that previously threatened America. Biden also said that the Afghan government conceded defeat to the Taliban without a fight.

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