Akhilesh’s cycle journey before the UP assembly elections, rained down on the government for inflation and unemployment

Former Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister and Samajwadi Party chief Akhilesh Yadav will take out a cycle yatra today against the Center and Yogi Adityanath government over unemployment, rising oil prices, farmers’ law and many other issues. Akhilesh Yadav himself will command this protest. He will leave the party headquarters in Lucknow on his bicycle and proceed towards Janeshwar Mishra Park. His wife Dimple Yadav will flag off the cycle yatra, which will be carried out up to the tehsil level of all the districts of Uttar Pradesh.

Akhilesh Yadav said in the first press conference of Cycle Yatra, we want to give a new direction to UP. At the same time, today we also remember those people who did not live because of Corona.

It was a failure of the government. A large number of people were killed, this government failed in everything. Couldn’t even provide oxygen. There is anger in the public. In the coming time, it may be possible to win 400 seats to the SP. Today such a situation is such that BJP will have less candidates. How close did these people come to the criminals by the time elections came?

Akhilesh alleged that BJP has not yet opened its manifesto. These people make money fests as elections are coming, they are remembering Dalits and Muslims. No work was done for them except sending them to jail. I want to come closer to election time.

Akhilesh said, BJP has no working culture. The work of SP is being inaugurated by changing the name. They are cutting their lace and welcoming the criminals. BJP number one in sacrificing teachers in Panchayat elections, number one among those who use sticks on youth seeking employment. Number one in putting various people in jail. Number one in atrocities on a particular religion. Akhilesh said that our CM does not know how to operate a laptop, so he did not distribute it. There was talk of doubling the income of farmers but nothing happened. BJP should tell this. Even today the sugarcane price is arrears. Spying on the public. Akhilesh also congratulated the men’s hockey team for winning the bronze medal in the Tokyo Olympics. The former CM said, we will remember Janeshwar ji and will go to his park. Janeshwar Mishra always took forward the socialist. He faced adversity by standing in front.

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