Ahmed Masood suffered a setback, Faheem Dashti died in the battle of Panjshir

After capturing Afghanistan, the Taliban is preparing to form the next government. The Taliban have captured the whole of Afghanistan except Panjshir province. Fierce fighting continues in Panjshir between Taliban fighters and the opposing faction Resistance Front. Ahmed Masood, who is taking on the Taliban in the valley, has suffered a major setback. Masood’s aide and Resistance Front spokesman Faheem Dashti was killed in the battle of Panjshir.

‘Lost two dear brothers and comrades’

Afghanistan’s news channel Tolo News has given information about Dashti’s death citing sources. During the fighting in the valley, Dashti lost his life on Sunday. Apart from this, information about Dashti’s absence has also been given from the Facebook page of National Resistance Front of Afghanistan. The Facebook page has written that we have lost two dear brothers, companions and fighters today. Faheem Dashti head of the office of Amir Sahib Ahmed Masood, and General Sahib Abdul Wadud Zhor, nephew of Afghanistan’s national hero in the fight against the fascist group. On the other hand, according to sources, Amrullah Saleh is at a safe and unknown place in Panjshir itself, while Ahmed Masood is in Tajikistan for the last three days.

‘Fight in Panjshir fighting for the whole of Afghanistan’

Afghan journalist Fraud Bejan has also tweeted that Faheem Dashti has lost his life in Panjshir. Speaking to India Today last month, Faheem Dashti had said that he is fighting in Panjshir not only for the province against the Taliban but also for Afghanistan. He had said, “We are fighting not just for one province, but for the whole of Afghanistan. We are concerned about the rights of Afghans, women, minorities. The Taliban must assure equality and rights.”

‘Taliban called back fighters from Panjshir’

He also said that he is in touch with various countries and that he expects the rest of the world to talk to the Taliban and bring them to the negotiating table. Meanwhile, in Panjshir, Ahmed Masood said on Sunday that he was open to peace talks if the Taliban withdrew their fighters from the region. “If the Taliban ends their military attacks in Panjshir and Andrab, they are ready to immediately stop the war for peace,” Ahmed Masood said in a statement.

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