Afghanistan: This was the main airbase in the fight against the Taliban, then why did the US army suddenly leave?

After the withdrawal of the US Army from Afghanistan, the Taliban has once again started creating terror there. Reporting is being done continuously from Afghanistan till today. In this episode, Aaj Tak has now reported from the Bagram Airbase in Afghanistan, which was very special for the US Army, but even after this, the US Army left silently without informing anything and left behind all the important documents. And left the computer.

Bargam Airbase is located an hour away from the capital Kabul. This airfield is a kind of small military town behind barbed wire. It has now been handed over to the Afghan National Security and Defense Forces.

In 1950, the Soviet Union prepared this place as a base and America started using it after the 9/11 attacks. The US military used the Bagram airbase as the focal point of its operations in Afghanistan. This is where the entire plan was made and from here full support was given to implement the plan at the ground level.

Bagram Airbase has witnessed a big, long and bloody war on terror for over two decades. This place was at the center of the US Army’s Operation Afghanistan. America spent $ 2 trillion here in two decades and fought its war in Afghanistan from here. But the surprising thing is that the place where so much money and so much energy was spent, the American army left that place overnight and did not even tell anything to the Afghan army about it.

When the soldiers stationed at this airbase were asked after the American army suddenly left, they told that America used to say that we come without informing and leave without informing. The jawan told that he came to know about it two-three hours after the US Army left.

Civil war like situation in Afghanistan…

With the departure of the US army, there is a civil war-like situation in all areas of Afghanistan. The Taliban wants to take advantage of these circumstances to capture the power of Afghanistan. The month of June has been the most dreadful time given the war between the Afghan army and Taliban. This month, Afghan forces have killed 6000 Taliban militants, while 600 soldiers of the Afghan army have been martyred. Now the situation can be explosive anytime ahead, because the Taliban is in the process of launching a sudden attack under the guerrilla strategy.

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