Afghanistan: Taliban does not consider women as human beings, feeds their bodies to dogs by taking out their eyes

New Delhi: What is the extent of Talibani tyranny, it can be understood correctly by only those who have gone through it. The ruthlessness of the Taliban is that they do not hesitate to kill women, remove their eyes and even feed their corpses to dogs. The story of the atrocities faced by women in Afghanistan by an Afghan woman who has gone through such cruel atrocities will make even strong hearted people emotional.

Eyes were taken out

The story of the atrocities that 33-year-old woman Khatera has narrated with her is shocking. This woman was first stabbed several times by Taliban fighters and then took out her eyes. At that time this woman was 2 months pregnant. Even all the requests could not save her from the Taliban, but luckily she survived and somehow reached Delhi for the treatment of her eyes. She was on her way home from work in Ghazni city when the Taliban surrounded Khatera.

Women are not human in the eyes of Taliban

Khatera says, “Women are not human beings in the eyes of the Taliban, but they are just pieces of meat, which can be treated with any amount of cruelty. They (Taliban) first torture us and then sometimes hang the body from the crossroads and sometimes feed the dead bodies of women to dogs to show this punishment to others. I was lucky that I survived it.’

She goes on to say, ‘It is difficult to even imagine what it is like to live under the Taliban in Afghanistan because that life is like hell for women, children and minorities.’

That’s why Khatera was attacked

According to Khatera, his father was a former Taliban fighter. So the Taliban targeted him for conspiring against him. Khatera, who is undergoing treatment with her husband and child in Delhi, says, “The Taliban does not allow women to go to male doctors, nor does it allow women to study and work. So what’s left for a woman there? Is death the only way for them?’

She adds, “Our women and youth had come a long way in these 20 years to get an education, to get a job and to make a mark. But today women are burning their educational certificates out of fear of the Taliban, so that they do not get the proof of the woman’s education. My relatives are also burning their education certificates to save their girls from Taliban.

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