Afghanistan: Taliban captured Kandahar-Ghazni-Herat, Afghan soldiers surrendered and saved their lives

The dominance of Taliban is increasing in Afghanistan with every changing day. In the past week, the Taliban has rapidly captured several cities in Afghanistan and is now very close to the capital Kabul.

Kandahar, Ghazni and Herat, which are among the big cities of Afghanistan, are also now occupied by Taliban fighters, which has sent a big message to the world. According to the latest information on Friday, the Taliban have now occupied the Logar area of ​​Afghanistan. Now Kabul is only 90 km from here. It’s far away.

One by one the big cities came under the control of Taliban…

The Taliban’s occupation has been increasing since the beginning of the process of withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan. Out of 34 provinces in Afghanistan, more than 12 provinces are now completely controlled by the Taliban. Kandahar is the second largest city in Afghanistan, so it is a big threat to be captured by the Taliban.

According to the information, the Taliban attacked Kandahar late on Thursday night. Government employees and others fled the city from Kandahar only late in the night.

After Kandahar, Afghanistan’s third largest city, Herat, has also come under the control of Taliban fighters. In Herat, Taliban fighters captured the historic mosque here, an area associated with Alexander the Great. But now all the government buildings here have been occupied by the Taliban.

First surrendered, then Afghan soldiers fled

If we talk about Ghazni area, then it is also under the control of Taliban. The Taliban’s capture of Ghazni means that it is now in direct contact with Kabul. That is, the highway directly links the capital. With this, today the Taliban has once again come to a twenty-year-old situation, where it was the only one who had control over the most important areas of the country.

According to the agency’s report, Afghan soldiers and some government employees surrendered to Taliban fighters in Herat and some areas of Ghazni. After that he ran away from there. A video was also released by the Taliban fighters, in which the soldiers surrendered in front of them and then left safely with the permission of the Taliban.

America will send soldiers for its employees

Amid the escalating crisis in Afghanistan, the US government has announced that it will deploy thousands of troops to Kabul airport to support US embassy staff shortages as the security situation in the war-torn areas continues to deteriorate.

State Department spokesman Ned Price said that in view of the growing security situation, we are reducing the number of our citizens in Kabul. We look forward to attracting a major diplomatic presence in Afghanistan in the coming weeks. To ease this shortfall, the Defense Department will temporarily deploy additional personnel at Hamid Karzai International Airport, he said.

What is Taliban? what is its power

The Taliban emerged in northern Pakistan in the early 1990s following the withdrawal of Russian troops from Afghanistan. In Pashto language, Taliban means students, especially students who are inspired by radical Islamic religious education. It is said that the fundamentalist Sunni Islamic scholars had established their foundation in Pakistan with the help of religious institutions. The Devvandi ideology has a complete influence on the Taliban. Financial aid coming from Saudi Arabia was considered responsible for raising the Taliban.

Initially, the Taliban declared that their aim was to eliminate foreign rule from Islamic areas, establish Sharia law and an Islamic state. Initially, the people fed up with the atrocities of the feudal lords, the corruption of the officials saw the Messiah in the Taliban and in many areas they were welcomed by the tribal people, but later fanaticism also ended this popularity of the Taliban, but by then the Taliban had become so powerful. It was that people’s hope of getting rid of him was over.

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