Afghanistan Crisis: US President Joe Biden said – our decision to withdraw the army is right, how long will our soldiers die

Afghanistan Crisis: US President Joe Biden has said that America has not given up, our fight against terrorism will continue. Addressing the nation, Biden said that the decision to withdraw US forces from Afghanistan was absolutely right. How long will our soldiers keep dying? Biden said that Afghan forces and leaders laid down their arms without fighting and President Ashraf Ghani fled the country without fighting. He said that of course the situation in Afghanistan is dire, but Ashraf Ghani is responsible for this. He is responsible for the plight there and the world should ask him questions.

Biden further said that we have taken the right decision to withdraw our soldiers. America has sacrificed a lot and because of this its resources were being affected. He said that as a President he had to take some big decisions. He could not put the lives of his soldiers in more danger. He believed from the very beginning that America’s job was to fight terrorism in Afghanistan, not to build a nation.

The situation in Afghanistan is very serious

In his address to the nation, Biden said that we had raised an army of three lakhs in Afghanistan. We spent billions of rupees. Earlier, during Donald Trump’s time there were more than 15 thousand soldiers in Afghanistan, in our time only two thousand soldiers were left. At present, there are six thousand soldiers, who are guarding the Kabul airport. Despite this, we wanted to advance Afghanistan. He admitted that we have made many mistakes in recent times. Describing the situation in Afghanistan as serious, he asked the world to come forward for help.

We haven’t given up

Biden said that our army had been fighting there for the last twenty years. People say that we gave up, left the campaign midway, but we took the right decision, we thought that we should not let more people die. He said that it was our dream to establish democracy in Afghanistan. Suddenly the situation changed in Afghanistan and it has had an impact on other countries as well.

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