Afghan army attacked Taliban, killed 27 fighters including commander

The Taliban’s occupation has been increasing rapidly since the decision of American troops to leave Afghanistan. At the same time, the Afghan security force is also facing the Taliban firmly. On Friday night, Afghan forces targeted Taliban in the outskirts of Faryab province. In this attack, 27 terrorists including a commander were killed.

The Ministry of Defense of Afghanistan gave this information by tweeting on Saturday. The ministry tweeted, Afghanistan National Defense and Security Force targeted Taliban in the outskirts of Faryab province. In this, 27 Taliban terrorists including a commander, a Pakistani were killed. At the same time, 16 terrorists were injured in this attack. During this, the weapons of the terrorists were also destroyed.

ANDSF & Public Uprising Forces targeted in outskirts of #Faryab provincial center,last night. 27 #Taliban terrorists including one of their commanders & 1 #Pakistani terrorist, were killed & 16 others wounded as a result. Also,some amount of their weapons & amos were destroyed

Will face the Taliban firmly

On the other hand, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has decided to fight the Taliban firmly. Speculations were rife that President Ashraf Ghani might resign amid the growing dominance of the Taliban. However, government sources made it clear that he would not resign.

Ghani has been fighting the Taliban for a long time and has been preparing a strategy to drive away Taliban fighters. One of the many demands of the Taliban has been the removal of Ashraf Ghani from the post. At the same time, Pakistan has also been a supporter of the removal of Ashraf Ghani.

Taliban captured 12 provinces

The Taliban in Afghanistan is getting stronger with each passing day. Taliban fighters have captured many big cities. Apart from this, many government officials have also been captured by the Taliban. Afghan’s Kandahar, Ghazni, Herat, Herat etc. have now been completely controlled by the Taliban. At least 12 provinces are now under Taliban control.

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