1650 Indians trapped in Afghanistan, India engaged in a big mission for rescue

Since the beginning of the Taliban rule in Afghanistan, India’s focus has been on evacuating its people trapped there. So far the officers, staff, security personnel of the Indian Embassy have been brought back.

Now the focus is on bringing back other Indians, according to the information, about 1650 Indians have requested for help in the Indian Embassy in Kabul.

According to the news agency ANI, helpline numbers, e-mail IDs were issued by the Ministry of External Affairs for Indians stranded in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, about 1650 Indians have applied for their return to their homeland. It is believed that now that the Taliban rule has begun, this number may also increase.

India has safely evacuated about 150 people till the last day. Most of them are people working in the Indian embassy. But emphasis is also being laid on the evacuation of Indian workers and other people trapped in other parts.

Many factory workers and other people trapped in Kabul had appealed to the government on the previous day that they would be evacuated safely from here. People from many other areas including Ghazipur, Ghaziabad, Uttarakhand’s Dehradun and Delhi had gone there for the purpose of work in Afghanistan.

Important meeting was held under the leadership of Prime Minister

A meeting of the Cabinet Committee on Security Affairs was held on the previous day under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In this, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had talked about the safe return of all Indians, as well as asked to provide all possible help to the people of Hindu-Sikh community living in Afghanistan. Apart from this, help will also be given to the Afghan people from the government.

The Indian Embassy in Kabul is still functioning and local staff is present there. Which is providing help to the Indians trapped there. Let us inform that after the stampede at Kabul Airport, the rescue operation was stopped for some time, but now it has started again. People are being evacuated with the help of US and NATO forces.

It is worth noting that in a press conference on behalf of the Taliban, it has been assured that it will not harm any foreigner or local citizen. According to the US, the Taliban has agreed that if someone wants to leave the country, then he will be given safe passage.

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