11 kids at age of 37, preparing for 12th, this woman ‘loves to be pregnant’

A 37-year-old woman living in Mexico USA is the mother of 11 children. Now she is preparing for 12th child. This woman has given a ‘weird’ reason behind having a child every year. The woman says that despite the concerns of delivery, she loves being pregnant.

According to The Sun UK, 37-year-old Courtney says, “I’ve always felt good during my pregnancy. I don’t feel weak, I don’t even feel much pain.”

Courtney adds, “It’s different for everyone, but my body usually takes pregnancy very well. If it weren’t for this, we probably wouldn’t have had that many babies.” However, due to having a large family, they are also facing problems.

Courtney said, ‘We have a 15-passenger van, but when we go on a trip, it gets very crowded. A trailer is needed to travel. The last time we took a vacation, we had rented a house as we would have to get many rooms in the hotel. The woman told that her house is also getting smaller. At present, the house has seven bedrooms and four bathrooms.

Like the names of Courtney and her husband Chris Rogers, the names of all 11 children are also named with the letter ‘C’. They are also going to name the upcoming child with the letter ‘C’. Courtney says that out of our 11 children, there are 6 sons and 5 daughters. That’s why we want the next child daughter so that we can have 6 daughters and 6 sons.

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